Unlike STK, where each object has its own visual threshold settings, the STK Object Model Broker has one set of thresholds for all objects to easily maintain visual consistency in the display. Due to the way in which STK works, visual appearance always takes precedence in the following order, starting close and moving away: Model - Marker - Point. Label is always visible if it is set. If no model or marker is set, the other thresholds will be adjusted to make sure something is always visible for the object. Using thresholds requires that it be enabled via the AgStkBrokerThreshold object, as well as in the default object being used. By default, thresholds are turned on and use the default MTO settings.

Broker.Threshold.Enabled = true;
Broker.Threshold.MaximumLabelDistance = 10000;
Broker.Threshold.MaximumMarkerDistance = 7500;

STK 11.2.1 Programming Interface