Licensing an STK Engine Application

This document will help AGI STK Engine technology users better understand what licenses they need to develop and/or deploy custom STK Engine applications in the various operating environments supported by the STK Engine.

STK Engine Runtime Licensing Rules


Windows. Developing an STK Engine application on Windows requires STK desktop licenses equivalent to the capabilities implemented within the STK Engine application. The standard Engine development license typically unlocks STK Pro, Integration, and Terrain, Imagery & Maps (TIM), but additional licenses may be required to execute all of the application’s functionality.

UNIX. Beginning with STK 10, developing an STK Engine application on UNIX no longer requires an additional STK Engine for UNIX license. STK Engine for UNIX development now uses the same STK desktop licenses as the Windows environment.


Windows. Deploying an STK Engine application on Windows requires that the end user has either an STK Engine Runtime (STK-ERT) license embedded with the Vendor ID that was provided by AGI at the time of initial purchase, or has STK desktop licenses equivalent to all capabilities implemented within the STK Engine application. If using an STK Engine Runtime (STK-ERT) license, note that this same AGI-provided Vendor ID must also be coded into the developed application before it is bundled up for deployment, as it is the Vendor ID that ties the application and the Runtime license together. Reference the Vendor ID property on the STK X / AgSTKXApplication Object page for help in coding the Vendor ID into the application. The Vendor ID will already be embedded within the STK-ERT license itself, upon receipt.

UNIX. Deploying an STK Engine application on UNIX has the same requirements as deploying an STK Engine application on Windows.


Windows. The STK Engine Runtime (STK-ERT) license comes in the form of an encrypted text file with a .lic extension. This file must be saved in some location where the STK Engine application will look for it, often the same folder that holds the developed application executable. Hard-coded license locations include:

Alternatively, the folder location of the license file can be specified via the STKD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable.

If the license file is to be installed by the end-user, the programmer may want to include the STK License Manager in the install. If the License Manager is installed on the machine, the user can double-click on a license file to install the license.

UNIX. Installation of the STK Engine Runtime (STK-ERT) license in the UNIX environment is the same as the Windows environment.


Always specify a valid Vendor ID for each STK Engine Runtime control (Globe, Map, Graphics Analysis, etc.). This will help you avoid any potential problems that may arise from using an invalid vendor ID in your deployed application.

Obtaining a Deployment License

To obtain a deployment license for an STK Engine application, contact AGI technical support by:

Include your Vendor ID with your license request.

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