Develop Custom Applications Using the STK Engine

STK Engine enables engineers and scientists to rapidly build and deploy custom software applications that embed AGI's premier geodynamic analysis and visualization engine. It is the most comprehensive and accurate environment for analyzing the interrelationships among land, sea, air and space elements in a time dynamic environment. STK Engine developers have the flexibility to build their own interface, or "container application", in the software environment of their choice and with a GUI designed for their mission needs.

What You Need to Build and Deploy an STK Engine Application

STK or STK Pro is required to build an STK Engine application. The capabilities and functionality of the STK Engine application you develop are based on the STK license that you purchased.

Note: The STK Engine 32-bit and 64-bit versions share the same licenses. Therefore an existing license enabling the 32-bit version of STK Engine will also enable the 64-bit version.

An STK Engine Runtime license is required to deploy an STK Engine application.

STK Engine provides the tools and examples that will assist you in developing and deploying an STK Engine application.

How to Get the STK Engine SDK

The STK Engine SDK is a free, non-licensed product that comes with STK and STK Pro. You can also download it from AGI Support.

Developing Applications with the 64-bit Engine

To develop applications with the 64-bit engine, it is recommended (but not strictly necessary) to install the 32-bit version as well:

What You Can Do with the STK Engine

STK Engine contains the STK Engine merge modules and instructions for licensing and deploying an STK Engine Application.

Using STK Engine, you can create a custom mission-specific application based on the STK Engine that provides only the functionality required by the end user and then deliver it in a container application. A container application can be a program (created with C++, C#, Visual Basic, Java and other languages), a Web page, an MS Office application, or any application capable of using ActiveX controls.

With STK Engine, you can:

For example, using STK Engine, you can build a Windows application, using GIS data, that will monitor the relationships between moving platforms and spatial data with just a few button clicks. You can then deploy this application to your clients who need a way to watch certain assets for homeland defense.

AGI Custom Application Framework

The AGI Custom Application Framework is a set of software components that greatly accelerates the development of a custom application. The AGI Custom Application Framework is a set of software components that supports development and integration of custom applications using STK Engine. The Framework was designed to provide developers with a consistent development methodology for rapid application development and integration with AGI products and technologies. A set of programming interfaces and class libraries provide a standard for designing reusable components, called add-ins, that can be easily integrated into an application in a plug-and-play fashion. Add-ins can be written in any language supported by the .NET Framework version 4.

You can download the AGI Custom Application Framework (CAF) from the Support page. The download includes the CAF, a full help system, quick start guide, and library reference.


An STK Engine tutorial is available that walks you through:

This tutorial is available in the following programming languages:

STK 11.2.1 Programming Interface