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FilteringRasterStream Properties

The FilteringRasterStream type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAttributes
Gets the RasterAttributes that define the raster data.
(Inherited from Raster.)
Public propertyFilter
Gets the RasterFilter that will be applied to the RasterStream on each update.
Public propertyHeight
Gets the height of the raster in pixels.
(Inherited from Raster.)
Public propertyScan0
Gets the IntPtr associated with the first value of data in the raster.
(Inherited from Raster.)
Public propertyStream
Gets the RasterStream that will have the RasterFilter applied on each update.
Public propertyUpdateDelta
Gets or sets the update delta of the raster stream in seconds. The UpdateDelta defines the interval at which the Update(JulianDate, JulianDate) method will be called. The default UpdateDelta is 0, which will call the Update(JulianDate, JulianDate) method every time the SceneManager time changes. When animating, this means the Update(JulianDate, JulianDate) method would be called on every animation step.
(Inherited from RasterStream.)
Public propertyWidth
Gets the width of the raster in pixels.
(Inherited from Raster.)
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