Terrain Server

Release Notes

1.4 - September 2017

  • Major refactoring of internal projection handling to grant more flexibility in managing projections that are rotated or skewed.
  • Upgraded internal dependencies to support cross platform terrain processing.
  • Fixed wide character encoding of a terraindb's datasource metadata for cross platform compatibility.
  • If the terrain server is halted during tileset processing, it now has the ability to resume incorporating a datasource on the file it last encountered.
  • Fixed potential thread safety issue with projection transformations.
  • Terraindbs will now only enable journaling during processing. This change makes terraindbs easier to host from read-only media.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when modifying a processing tileset with a non-empty description.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in v1.3, where accessing tilesets created by older versions of the TerrainProcess could result in a crash.
  • The install has been updated to automatically enable Windows Features required for tileset hosting/management and create new StkTerrainServerAdmin users group for managing write-access to the Terrain Server Web UI.
  • Improved usability of the Tileset Import Dialog.

1.3.1 - May 2016

  • Added new configuration option to the Settings page to specify a map style for Bing Maps imagery providers.
  • Fixed a performance issue when requesting a tileset composed of thousands of datasource files.
  • When viewing a tileset from the embedded Cesium tileset viewer, lower detailed terrain tiles will no longer push the camera up when the view is initially loaded.
  • Improved performance for saving datasources with many included datasource files; only primary elevation files are tracked in the "Included Files" list.
  • Fixed an issue where a terraindb would be reported as locked after a datasource file was incorporated into the tileset.

1.3 - April 2016

  • Added new "Zoom To" feature to the embedded Cesium Tileset Viewer that zoom to the bounding extents of a selected datasource.
  • When viewing a tileset using the View Tileset feature, the current camera view is dynamically updated in the tileset url for simplified sharing of terrain views.
  • Added partial post processing feature to the Basic Lighting post processing step; incorporating new datasources into an existing tileset will only recalculate lighting within the extents of the newly added datasources.
  • Improved performance of the Basic Lighting post processing step and reduced the size of temporary database files created during post processing.
  • Post Processing is now cancelled when a new datasource is added to the tileset.
  • Fixed a bug where a tile's corner height could double the mean sea level elevation if both the void fill behavior and height reference was set to mean sea level for the datasource.
  • Fixed a minor processing bug where datasources that barely overlap a terrain tile may cause the overlapping data to be inserted an extra zoom level deep. This case produces cracks in the terrain for these affected leaf tiles.
  • Terrain Tile cache control is now public with max-age set to a year. This allows Terrain Tiles to be cached at intermediate network nodes, such as a CDN.
  • Fixed a bug where a datasource file would fail to be incorporated if the cartographic extents were slightly greater than 180.0.
  • Fixed potential crash that could occur when modifying a tileset description while the tileset is processing.
  • A Terrain Tile's Min/Max height now correctly bounds the tile's min/max height and all of the tile's descendants.
  • Greatly reduced the number of tile ranges reported in the layer.json availability property. This improves the retrieval time of the layer.json as well as the performance of clientside tile availability lookup.
  • Resolved a race condition possible when uploading a datasource with numerous data files.
  • Resolved a potential race condition when handling concurrent requests for a tileset layer.json.

1.2 - March 2015

  • Fixed a bug for submeter datasources. In certain projections, the edges of tiles were severely undersampled.
  • The Terrain Server is now licensed into two functional pieces: tileset creation and tileset hosting to support more flexible tileset deployment.
  • Added the WaterMask feature that is used by client applications for rendering water effects. This setting can be configured on any DataSource by enabling the "Use for WaterMask" option.
  • Added Import Tileset button to the Tilesets page, for importing tilesets created by another Terrain Server.
  • Improved performance of the Basic Lighting post processing step and reduced the size of temporary database files created during post processing.

1.1 - November 2014

  • Added support for visualizing terrain tiles with more than 64k vertices, which is common for sub-meter terrain
  • Improved the Cesium Tileset Viewer user interface
  • Added a new tool to the Cesium Tileset Viewer to inspect latitude, longitude, and elevation under the mouse cursor
  • Updated Help to include the Data Installation Guide, for instructions on importing a preexisting terraindb into a Terrain Server
  • Improved performance for including files into a DataSource
  • Added new documentation for the STK Terrain Server Public REST API Guide