Attitude Simulator - Configuring the Simulator

You can use the Configuration window to review Initialization, Simulation, and Post-Processing attitude files. You can also add, remove, and reorder loaded files.

In the Attitude Simulator window, click Configuration. This topic describes the Configuration window functions.

Viewing a file list

The Filename and Function of each loaded Initialization, Simulation, or Post-Processing file appear in read-only fields. Typical parameters for these files include Gravity Gradient Torque, Magnetic Field, Attitude, and Internal Momentum.

To select a file to view, use the slide bar or enter its sequential number in the text box, and press the Enter key.

Adding to and editing the list

To add a file to the end of a loaded sequence, click Add, select a file in the Add/Edit dialog box, and click OK. To replace the displayed file with another file, click Edit, select a file in the Add/Edit dialog box, and click OK. The previous file is removed and the new file appears in its place in the sequence of loaded files.

To delete the displayed file from the sequence, click Remove.

Click Close to return to the Configuration window without changing anything.

Sampling options

For Simulation files, the integrator uses its step size control algorithm to determine the right period. You can specify a different sampling period. Select Use sampling and change the frequency value in the Period field.

If you select Re-compute only at sampling times, then STK will only recalculate attitude at the intervals you set in the Period field. This helps model hardware limitations affecting satellite engines.