The STK Astrogator capability contains specialized analysis for interactive orbit maneuver and spacecraft trajectory design. Astrogator acts as one of the propagators available for a satellite object. Astrogator calculates the satellite's ephemeris by running a Mission Control Sequence, or MCS, that you define according to the requirements of your mission.

Astrogator enables you to model impulsive and finite maneuvers as well as high-fidelity orbit propagation. It provides targeting methods, including:

  • A differential corrector used to find the necessary values of control parameters (such as launch epoch or burn duration) to meet desired mission goals
  • An optimizer used to change control parameters to achieve a goal, while applying a set of constraints that define the problem space.

Furthermore, Astrogator allows you to define automatic sequences. These represent pre-defined sets of actions that can be performed whenever a specified event occurs - such as a maneuver that occurs at every periapsis. These details highlight just some of Astrogator's many features.

Astrogator also utilizes a component catalog and editor in STK called the Component Browser. The Component Browser enables you to define and customize engine models, force models, propagators, central bodies, atmospheric models, and other elements of a space mission analysis scenario. Also, the Component Browser contains a wide array of calculation objects. All these elements can then be used or adapted in any Astrogator scenario.