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RasterTerrainProviderGetHeight Method (Double, Double, RasterTerrainInterpolator)

Gets the interpolated height of the terrain at the specified longitude and latitude using the default interpolator for this terrain provider.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Terrain
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.TerrainReaders (in AGI.Foundation.TerrainReaders.dll) Version: 19.2.399.0 (19.2.399.0)
public double GetHeight(
	double longitude,
	double latitude,
	RasterTerrainInterpolator interpolator


Type: SystemDouble
The longitude, in radians.
Type: SystemDouble
The latitude, in radians.
Type: AGI.Foundation.TerrainRasterTerrainInterpolator
The interpolator to use to interpolate heights for points that do not fall precisely on a post.

Return Value

Type: Double
The height, in meters, or NaN if the height is not available at the requested longitude and latitude.

If HeightReference is ReferenceSurface, the returned height is relative to the surface specified by the ReferenceSurface property. If HeightReference is Shape, the returned height is relative to the ellipsoid specified by the Shape property. This method may return NaN if the requested longitude and latitude are outside the terrain region or if the terrain data indicates that the height is unknown.

It is safe to call this method from multiple threads simultaneously.

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