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AGI.Foundation.Communications.Antennas Namespace

Contains types for representing antennas, defining gain patterns, and processing electromagnetic signals.
Public classAntennaSignalProcessorTGainPattern
Abstract base class for all antenna signal processors. Used to model the output signals of a receiving antenna.
Public classBaseGainPattern
Base class for all antenna gain patterns.
Public classBaseReceivingAntennaExtensionTGainPattern, TAntennaSignalProcessor
An extension which searches the SignalPropagationGraph for all incoming signals entering its Owner and processes them with a receiving BaseGainPattern before passing them to its OutputSignalProcessor signal processor. Constraints added as extensions to link objects are taken into account when determining which links produce signals for the receiver.
Public classBaseTransmittingAntennaExtensionTGainPattern
An extension which takes a signal source and transmits a wireless signal through an antenna. This provides the ISignalTransmissionService.
Public classBeamformerWeightsEvaluator
Abstract base class for an evaluator which evaluates beamformer weights as a ComplexMatrix.
Public classCosineExponentElementFactor
A PhasedArrayElementFactor which produces a cosine raised to the specified exponent element factor.
Public classCustomGainPattern
Defines an antenna gain pattern based on external data specified as a FunctionTIndependent, TDependent. For example, it is possible to use SphericalTabularGainData, to specify the gain pattern based on a table of values.
Public classDirectionsEvaluator
Abstract base class for an evaluator which evaluates a list of WeightedDirection.
Public classDirectionsProvider
Abstract base class for types which provide a DirectionsEvaluator.
Public classFrpaGainPattern
A static Fixed Radiation Pattern Antenna (FRPA). A typical gain pattern for GNSS receivers.
Public classGaussianGainPattern
A static Gaussian antenna pattern.
Public classGaussianOpticalGainPattern
A static gain pattern for an optical antenna with a gaussian profile.
Public classGpsSatelliteAntennaPattern
A gain pattern representing a constant gain over the earth from a GPS satellite.
Public classHelicalGainPattern
A static helical gain pattern.
Public classIsotropicGainPattern
A static, isotropic antenna gain pattern which does not modify any signals.
Public classLinkDirectionsProvider
A DirectionsProvider which provides directions using a list of links which are held as instances of IServiceProvider. The link instances must provide the ILinkService service. The evaluator provided by this class uses the GetTransmitterDisplacementRelativeToReceiver or GetReceiverDisplacementRelativeToTransmitter, based on the setting of the TimeObserver value, in order to obtain the vector which is then used to provide the output directions. The TimeObserver for all the links must be consistently set to Transmitter or Receiver. Otherwise, an InvalidOperationException will be thrown from calls to the GetDirectionsEvaluator(EvaluatorGroup, ISignalSource, Vector, Axes) method.
Public classMinimumVarianceDistortionlessResponseBeamformer
A Minimum Variance Distortionless Response (MVDR) beamformer, also referred to as a Capon beam former. This performs adaptive beam forming in order to maximize gain in a desired direction while minimizing the gain in other directions.
Public classOpticalAntennaSignalProcessor
Represents a receiving optical antenna. By default, an instance of GaussianOpticalGainPattern is used as the gain pattern and signals not within the band MinimumOpticalFrequency to MaximumOpticalFrequency are rejected from the output.
Public classOpticalGainPattern
Base class for all optical antenna gain patterns.
Public classOpticalReceivingAntennaExtension
An ObjectExtension which represents an optical receiving antenna.
Public classOpticalTransmittingAntennaExtension
An ObjectExtension which represents an optical transmitting antenna.
Public classParabolicGainPattern
A static parabolic antenna gain pattern.
Public classPhasedArrayBeamformer
Abstract base class for a phased array beamformer which is responsible for computing the complex element weights.
Public classPhasedArrayElement
A DefinitionalObject which represents a single element of a phased array antenna. The element consists of an X and Y position and a flag indicating whether or not the element is currently enabled.
Public classPhasedArrayElementFactor
Abstract base class for a phased array element factor.
Public classPhasedArrayGainPattern
A RadioFrequencyGainPattern for modeling planar phased array antennas. The phased array model consists of many radiating elements. Each element is modeled as an isotropic pattern. By modifying the excitation (amplitude and phase) of each element differently, a phased array antenna can electronically steer its maximum gain toward a particular direction or main radiation axis. A phased array antenna not only can steer its maximum gain in a particular direction, but it can also steer nulls toward other directions in an effort to prevent radiation to and from other directions. The act of altering each element's excitation is effectively accomplished through the assignment of weights to each element. This set of weights for a particular direction is called a steering vector and each weight is a complex number.
Public classRadioFrequencyAntennaSignalProcessor
Represents a receiving radio frequency (RF) antenna. By default, an instance of IsotropicGainPattern is used as the gain pattern and signals not within the band MinimumRfFrequency to MaximumRfFrequency are rejected from the output.
Public classRadioFrequencyGainPattern
Base class for all radio frequency (RF) antenna gain patterns.
Public classRadioFrequencyReceivingAntennaExtension
An ObjectExtension which represents an radio frequency (RF) receiving antenna.
Public classRadioFrequencyTransmittingAntennaExtension
An ObjectExtension which represents an radio frequency (RF) transmitting antenna.
Public classScalarWeightLinkExtension
A WeightedLinkExtension which evaluates the link computation weight using a Scalar instance.
Public classSphericalTabularGainData
A function class for computing gain using tabular data provided in a spherical coordinate system. This class can be used in conjunction with the CustomGainPattern class to model an antenna pattern using measured gain data.
Public classSquareHornGainPattern
A static square horn antenna gain pattern.
Public classStaticDirection
Type which associates a direction, in the form of a UnitCartesian, with a TimeIntervalCollection of availability intervals and an optional weighting metric.
Public classStaticDirectionsProvider
A DirectionsProvider which provides static directions using a list of StaticDirection instances. The DirectionsEvaluator provided by the GetDirectionsEvaluator(EvaluatorGroup, ISignalSource, Vector, Axes) method when called to evaluate, loops over the list of StaticDirection checking each instance for availability against the evaluation time. If available, the evaluator constructs a new instance of WeightedDirection using the Direction as the direction and WeightingMetric as the weighting metric. The evaluator then returns a list of the WeightedDirection instances corresponding to the available static directions.
Public classWeightedLinkExtension
An ObjectExtension which provides the ILinkWeightService for associating a computational weight to a link.
Public structureWeightedDirection
Type which associates a direction, in the form of a UnitCartesian, with an optional weighting metric.
Public interfaceIAntennaDiameterService
A service which defines the physical diameter of the antenna associated with the service provider.
Public interfaceIAntennaEfficiencyService
A service which defines the efficiency of the antenna associated with the service provider.
Public interfaceIAntennaGainService
Defines a service which can provide a means of applying an antenna pattern to a set of input signals based on link geometry.
Public interfaceILinkWeightService
Service for associating a computational weight to a link.
Public interfaceIReceivingAntennaExtensionTGainPattern
Generic interface for a receiving antenna object extension.
Public interfaceISignalReceivedByAntennaPrepolarizerService
Service that provides an ISignalSource which will produce signals at the output of the antenna but before the polarization efficiency is applied.
Public interfaceISignalReceivedByAntennaService
A service which identifies the signal output of a receiving antenna, after all antenna effects and gains have been applied.
Public interfaceISignalToTransmitService
A service which identifies the SignalProcessor which produces the set of signals to be transmitted, prior to applying any effects from the antenna including gains in the direction of transmission. This service is used by the ScalarAntennaGainInLinkDirection to measure the transmitter antenna gain. It can also be used to discover the chain of SignalProcessors which are used to generate a signal to transmit.
Public interfaceISignalTransmissionService
Defines the behavior of an antenna which can transmit a signal based on link geometry. This service is used by the WirelessLinkExtension to obtain the transmitted signals from an antenna by applying any gains or other effects that modify the signal during transmission.
Public interfaceITransmittingAntennaExtensionTGainPattern
Generic interface for a transmitting antenna object extension.