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AGI.Foundation.Navigation.DataReaders Namespace

Contains types for reading various navigation-related data file formats.
Public classGpsDataFile
Reads data from the GPSData.txt file hosted on the AGI FTP site. This file contains the history of each PRN, which type of satellite has had that PRN and their active dates, block types, etc.
Public classGpsSatelliteInformation
Describes GPS satellite information from each line in the GPS data file.
Public classPerformanceAssessmentField
A single field in a Performance Assessment File (PAF). It contains ephemeris and clock errors for one satellite at one time.
Public classPerformanceAssessmentFile
A Performance Assessment File (PAF) containing ephemeris and clock errors for the GPS satellites over a period of time.
Public classPerformanceAssessmentRecord
A record in a Performance Assessment File (PAF). It contains ephemeris and clock errors for all satellites at a single time.
Public classPredictionSupportFile
A Prediction Support File (PSF) containing statistical data necessary to predict navigation accuracy.
Public classPredictionSupportRecord
This class provides a record of data read from the Prediction Support file (PSF). This data is used to support statistical predictions of navigation accuracy.
Public classRinexMeteorological
A RINEX Meteorological file describing weather conditions at the receiving antenna. This class represents a RINEX Meteorological file, version 2.0, 2.1 and 2.11. Other versions are not supported.
Public classRinexMeteorologicalRecord
A record in a RINEX Meteorological File, corresponding to weather and delay data included in a Rinex Meteorological File.
Public classRinexNavigation
A RINEX Navigation file describing GPS satellite broadcast orbits and other data. This class represents a RINEX Navigation file, version 2.0 and 2.1. Other versions are not supported.
Public classRinexNavigationEphemeris
Contains the data for a single ephemeris defining the GPS satellite corresponding to PseudoRandomNumber.
Public classRinexNavigationRecord
An ephemeris record in a RINEX Navigation File, corresponding to a single space vehicle (SV).
Public classRinexObservation
This class parses and stores the information in a RINEX Observation file. Rinex Observation file versions 2.0, 2.1 and 2.11 are supported.
Public classRinexObservationHeader
This class contains information from the header of the RINEX observation file. Since the header is subject to change throughout the file, an instance of this class will be held by each RinexObservationRecord in the file, with the header being populated with the valid information up to that point in time.
Public classRinexObservationRecord
This class contains data for a specific epoch in a RINEX observation file. It contains the header that is pertinent to its epoch as well, since that may be different than the header defined at the beginning of the file
Public classRinexObservationSatRecord
A Rinex observation satellite entry. This is a specific entry for an epoch defined in the RinexObservationRecord.
Public classSatelliteOutage
A single outage of a single satellite, as described by a Satellite Outage File (SOF).
Public classSatelliteOutageCollection
A collection of SatelliteOutages.
Public classSatelliteOutageDetails
Holds the details about a specific outage of a GPS satellite.
Public classSatelliteOutageFile
A Satellite Outage File (SOF) that describes the periods of time when the various GPS satellites were or are expected to be unavailable.
Public classSemAlmanac
A SEM almanac describing GPS satellites.
Public classSemAlmanacRecord
A record in a SEM almanac, corresponding to a single space vehicle (SV).
Public classSP3aEphemeris
Contains data for an SP3 version A precise ephemeris file.
Public classSP3aEphemerisDataT
Represents a set of data from an SP3a ephemeris file.
Public classSP3aHeaderRecord
The SP3a ephemeris file header definition.
Public classSP3cCorrelations
The correlation information contained in the "EP" and "EV" records of an SP3c file
Public classSP3cEphemeris
Contains data for an SP3 version C precise ephemeris file.
Public classSP3cEphemerisDataT
Represents a set of data from an SP3c ephemeris file.
Public classSP3cHeaderRecord
The SP3c ephemeris file header definition.
Public classYumaAlmanac
A Yuma almanac describing GPS satellite positions.
Public classYumaAlmanacRecord
A record in a YUMA almanac, corresponding to a single space vehicle (SV).
Public structureSatelliteIdentifier
Satellite Identifier structure for SP3c files. Contains the integer satellite identifier and the character constellation type.
Public enumerationMeteorologicalMeasurement
Enumeration of the types of meteorological data available in the Rinex file.
Public enumerationNanuType
The possible types of Notice To NAVSTAR Users (NANUs) issued.
Public enumerationOutageType
Types of possible outages. Note that CURRENT outages are valid for UNUSFUN NANU types only.
Public enumerationRinexObservationType
Denotes what observation type the observation data corresponds to.