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GnssLinkBudgetScalars Class

Defines a link budget over time. This class defines additional Scalars and properties specific to Gnss analysis.
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Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Navigation.Advanced
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Navigation.Advanced (in AGI.Foundation.Navigation.Advanced.dll) Version: 19.1.398.0 (19.1.398.0)
public class GnssLinkBudgetScalars : LinkBudgetScalars

The GnssLinkBudgetScalars type exposes the following members.

Public methodGnssLinkBudgetScalars
Creates a new instances specifying all parameters.
Public propertyBitErrorRate
Gets the bit error rate.
(Inherited from LinkBudgetScalars.)
Public propertyCarrierToInterference
Gets the carrier to interference ratio.
(Inherited from LinkBudgetScalars.)
Public propertyCarrierToNoise
Gets the carrier to noise ratio.
(Inherited from LinkBudgetScalars.)
Public propertyCarrierToNoiseDensity
Gets the carrier to noise density.
(Inherited from LinkBudgetScalars.)
Public propertyCarrierToNoiseDensityPlusInterference
Gets the carrier to noise density plus interference scalar.
Public propertyCarrierToNoisePlusInterference
Gets the carrier to noise plus interference ratio.
(Inherited from LinkBudgetScalars.)
Public propertyEffectiveIsotropicRadiatedPower
Gets the effective isotropic radiated power.
(Inherited from LinkBudgetScalars.)
Public propertyEnergyPerBitToNoiseDensity
Gets the energy per bit to noise density.
(Inherited from LinkBudgetScalars.)
Public propertyJammingToSignal
Gets the jamming to signal scalar.
Public propertyLinkName
Gets the name of the link producing these scalars.
(Inherited from LinkBudgetScalars.)
Public propertyNoisePlusInterference
Gets the noise plus interference scalar
Public propertyPowerAtReceiverOutput
Gets the power at receiver output.
(Inherited from LinkBudgetScalars.)
Public propertyPropagationLoss
Gets the amount of propagation loss.
(Inherited from LinkBudgetScalars.)
Public propertyReceivedIsotropicPower
Gets the received isotropic power.
(Inherited from LinkBudgetScalars.)
Public propertyReceivedPowerFluxDensity
Gets the received power flux density.
(Inherited from LinkBudgetScalars.)
Public propertyReceiverAntennaGainInLinkDirection
Gets the receiver antenna gain in the link direction.
(Inherited from LinkBudgetScalars.)
Public propertySatelliteID
Gets the ID of the satellite from which these link budgets originate. For GPS this is the PRN.
Public propertySignalType
Gets the NavigationSignalType from which these link budget scalars are created.
Public propertyTransmitterAntennaGainInLinkDirection
Gets the transmitter antenna gain in the link direction.
(Inherited from LinkBudgetScalars.)
Public methodStatic memberCreateFrom
Creates a new instance based on a LinkBudgetScalars instance, and the GNSS specific link budget scalars.
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