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Globe Overlays

Globe Overlays are used to render and organize terrain and imagery on a globe. Overlays can be turned on/off based on the camera's altitude or current animation time using Display Conditions. JPEG 2000 (.jp2), AGI's Processed Image format (.pdttx), and AGI's Roam Image format (.txm) are supported. For terrain, AGI's Processed Terrain format (.pdtt) is supported. Interfaces exist to programmatically create PDTT and JP2 files.

Overlays are in the AGI.Foundation.Graphics namespace.



Overlay Management

Efficiently renders and organizes terrain and imagery overlays. Overlays must be added to the central body before they are rendered.

Terrain Overlays

Renders terrain in AGI's Processed Terrain format (.pdtt).

Imagery Overlays

Renders imagery in either JPEG 2000 (.jp2), AGI's Processed Image format (.pdttx), or AGI's Roam Image format (.txm).

Web Imagery Overlays

Renders imagery using data from Bing Maps for Enterprise and OpenStreetMap servers.

Terrain and Imagery Conversion

Converts terrain and imagery to the PDTT and JP2 formats.