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CommunicationFigureOfMeritGetScalarFigureOfMerit Method

Get a Scalar representing a figure of merit based on the given CommunicationParameter. All instances of the GridPointPlaceholder used in the CommunicationParameter will be replaced with the coverageObject in the new scalar.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Coverage.FigureOfMerit
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Communications (in AGI.Foundation.Communications.dll) Version: 20.2.404.0 (20.2.404.0)
public Scalar GetScalarFigureOfMerit(
	CoverageData coverageResult,
	IServiceProvider coverageObject


Type: AGI.Foundation.CoverageCoverageData
The result of a coverage calculation for the given coverageObject.
Type: SystemIServiceProvider
The object of interest in the coverage calculation, which will replace the placeholder in the CommunicationParameter.

Return Value

Type: Scalar
A Scalar representing the figure of merit for the given CommunicationParameter.


IFigureOfMeritDefinitionGetScalarFigureOfMerit(CoverageData, IServiceProvider)
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