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TextBatchPrimitiveSetPartialCartographic Method (CentralBody, IEnumerableCartographic, IEnumerableString, TextBatchPrimitiveOptionalParameters, IEnumerableInt32)

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Graphics
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Graphics (in AGI.Foundation.Graphics.dll) Version: 21.2.409.0 (21.2.409.0)
public void SetPartialCartographic(
	CentralBody centralBody,
	IEnumerable<Cartographic> positions,
	IEnumerable<string> text,
	TextBatchPrimitiveOptionalParameters optionalParameters,
	IEnumerable<int> indices


Type: AGI.Foundation.CelestialCentralBody
The central body the positions are defined on.
Type: System.Collections.GenericIEnumerableCartographic
A collection of new positions used to update a subset of positions in the text batch.
Type: System.Collections.GenericIEnumerableString
A collection of new text used to update a subset of text in the text batch.
Type: AGI.Foundation.GraphicsTextBatchPrimitiveOptionalParameters
Optional per-batch parameters or per-string parameters corresponding to positions. Each per-string parameter must have the same number of elements as positions.
Type: System.Collections.GenericIEnumerableInt32
A collection of zero-based indices that map a corresponding position in positions to a position already in the primitive. For example, if a primitive is first given 5 positions with a call to Set, positions 1 and 3 can be modified with SetPartial by passing in positions containing two new positions and an indices collection with two elements, e.g. [1, 3]. The first position in positions will modify the position at index 1 in the primitive and the second will modify the position at index 3.
ArgumentNullExceptioncentralBody is .
InvalidOperationException The primitive's ReferenceFrame is not equal to centralBody fixed frame.
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