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LambertOrbitSolverSolveMinimumEccentricityTransfer Method (Cartesian, Cartesian, Cartesian)

Solves the constrained Lambert problem given the input. The solver is constrained to return the minimum eccentricity orbit.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Propagators
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Models (in AGI.Foundation.Models.dll) Version: 23.2.417.0 (23.2.417.0)
public LambertResult SolveMinimumEccentricityTransfer(
	Cartesian initialPosition,
	Cartesian finalPosition,
	Cartesian orbitalPlaneVector


Type: AGI.Foundation.CoordinatesCartesian
The first position in the transfer orbit.
Type: AGI.Foundation.CoordinatesCartesian
The final position in the transfer orbit.
Type: AGI.Foundation.CoordinatesCartesian
A vector that is used in conjunction with the initial position of the spacecraft to define the orbital plane in the case of ambiguity. Typically the velocity at the initial position if known.

Return Value

Type: LambertResult
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