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Sgp4Elements Properties

The Sgp4Elements type exposes the following members.

Public propertyArgumentOfPerigee
Gets or sets the argument of perigee, in degrees.
Public propertyBStar
Gets or sets the BSTAR drag term, in units of 1 / EarthRadii. This term represents a modification of the ballistic coefficient (Coefficient of drag times area over mass). The value is modified by one half atmospheric density and expressed in units of inverse Earth radii. Source:
Public propertyEccentricity
Gets or sets the eccentricity
Public propertyEpoch
Gets or sets the epoch at which these initial conditions are defined.
Public propertyInclination
Gets or sets the inclination, in degrees
Public propertyMeanAnomaly
Gets or sets the mean anomaly, in degrees.
Public propertyMeanMotion
Gets or sets the mean motion, in revolutions per day.
Public propertyRawEpoch
Gets or sets the epoch at which these initial conditions are defined, represented in the standard form: YYDDD.DDDD. Note: this will be represented to as much precision as possible and will not reflect the RawEpoch taken from a TwoLineElementSet format. To represent the correct precision for a TLE, use the TwoLineElementSet type instead.
Public propertyRightAscensionOfAscendingNode
Gets or sets the right ascension of the ascending node, in degrees
Public propertySwitchingMethod
Gets or sets the method to use when switching between this element set and the following element set. By default, this is Sgp4ElementsSwitchByEpoch.
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