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SinglePointStoppablePropagator Properties

The SinglePointStoppablePropagator type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdapters
Gets the list of StateElementAdapters that must be applied to the passed in initial state. Note these should not be applied to the stored initial state if no initial state was passed in.
(Inherited from StoppablePropagator.)
Public propertyCurrentDate
Gets the date of the current state. This will get updated automatically after TakeStep(Duration, Boolean) and Restep(Duration) is called.
(Inherited from StoppablePropagator.)
Public propertyCurrentState
Gets or sets the most recently computed state from the propagator. Assume that this state is mutable and that the instance will be updated at every step and restep. For performance considerations, make the derived state type mutable and update a single instance if possible.
(Inherited from StoppablePropagator.)
Public propertyGroup
Gets the group that contains this evaluator.
(Inherited from StoppablePropagator.)
Protected propertyInitialPropagationDirection (Inherited from StoppablePropagator.)
Public propertyIsThreadSafe
Gets a value indicating whether the methods on this instance are safe to call from multiple threads simultaneously.
(Inherited from StoppablePropagator.)
Public propertyPreviousDate
Gets or sets the date of the previously propagated state. This will get updated automatically right after TakeStep(Duration, Boolean) is called.
(Inherited from StoppablePropagator.)
Protected propertyPropagationFrame
Gets the ReferenceFrame to propagate the point in.
Public propertyStoppingConditionEvaluators
Gets a read only collection of the stopping conditions that will be used by this propagator.
(Inherited from StoppablePropagator.)
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