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Cesium Analytics SDK

Cesium Analytics SDK is an upgrade of the AGI-founded open-source JavaScript library Cesium that includes additional specialized features and proprietary rendering techniques. Cesium Analytics SDK is included with a DME Component Libraries license, and can be downloaded from AGI's download site. Cesium Analytics SDK has its own documentation and examples, which are all included in the Cesium Analytics SDK zip file.

These visualizations are also supported in CZML and can be written using the same techniques described in the Visualization with Cesium topic.

Cesium Analytics SDK includes the following additional graphical capabilities on top of those in open-source Cesium, making Cesium Analytics SDK a drop-in upgrade.


Visualize complex shapes that represent the field-of-view for objects, with enhanced features including:

  • Rectangular, conic, and custom sensor volumes

  • Smooth conic boundary surfaces

  • Occlusion and intersection with terrain and models

  • Support for 2D and Columbus View modes

  • Rendering of sensor dome surface

  • Support for conic sensors with an inner exclusion cone (hole)

  • Options to control the portions of the sensor that are rendered (above/below ellipsoid horizon, or complete)

  • Rendering of ellipsoid horizon surfaces

  • Support for individual surface materials for lateral, dome, occlusion, and ellipsoid horizon surfaces

Sensor Visualization
Sensors on Terrain
Sensor Terrain Intersection and Occlusion

Visualize directions using 3-dimensional time-varying vectors.

Vector Visualization

Visualize azimuth-elevation masks or view sheds using complex shapes.

Fan Visualization