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PointScattererExtensionGetSignalTransmissionEvaluator Method

Get an evaluator which can produce a reflected signal which is the incident signal multiplied by the scattering coefficient computed for the incident and reflected link geometry.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Communications
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Communications (in AGI.Foundation.Communications.dll) Version: 24.1.418.0 (24.1.418.0)
public SignalEvaluator GetSignalTransmissionEvaluator(
	EvaluatorGroup group,
	Vector reflectedVector,
	SignalPropagationGraph graph


Type: AGI.FoundationEvaluatorGroup
The evaluator group in which to create the evaluator.
Type: AGI.Foundation.GeometryVector
The vector in the direction of the reflected signal with respect to the point scatterer.
Type: AGI.Foundation.CommunicationsSignalPropagationGraph
The graph of the communication links used to propagate signals.

Return Value

Type: SignalEvaluator
The evaluator which produces the reflected signal.


ISignalTransmissionServiceGetSignalTransmissionEvaluator(EvaluatorGroup, Vector, SignalPropagationGraph)
PropertyInvalidException Thrown if the FrequencyBands collection has a count of 0. This exception is also thrown if the FrequencyBands collection does not have a PointScattererFrequencyBand with a LowerFrequency equal to the configured minimum frequency of the FrequencyBands collection.
This method can return an evaluator constructed in one of two different ways based on the type of SignalPropagationGraph which is passed as the graph parameter. If the graph parameter instance provides the ISignalPropagationPathService from a call to the instance GetService method, the evaluator will be constructed such that it pulls the incident signal from the link in the graph provided by the FindLinkForReceiver(IServiceProvider), where the receive node is the point scatterer extension's owning ExtensibleObject. If the graph supplies the ISignalPropagationPathService, but a call to FindLinkForReceiver returns null, an InvalidOperationException will be thrown. If the graph parameter instance does not provide the ISignalPropagationPathService, then the evaluator returned will try to pull the incident signals for all links in the graph for which the point scatterer extension's owning ExtensibleObject is the receive node. If no links are found an InvalidOperationException will be thrown.
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