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SphericalTabularMonostaticCrossSectionScatteringCoefficient Constructor (Double, ComplexCrossSectionScatteringCoefficient)

Initializes an instance given an array of cone angles, in radians, and an array of monostatic cross section values represented as a complex 2x2 scattering matrix. This represents a symmetrical pattern about the z-axis. For a given cone angle, the cross section is the same for every clock angle about the z-axis.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Communications
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Communications (in AGI.Foundation.Communications.dll) Version: 22.2.414.0 (22.2.414.0)
public SphericalTabularMonostaticCrossSectionScatteringCoefficient(
	double[] coneAngles,
	ComplexCrossSectionScatteringCoefficient[] crossSectionValues


Type: SystemDouble
An array of cone angles. The cone angle is defined as the zenith angle from the positive z-axis to the point.
Type: AGI.Foundation.CommunicationsComplexCrossSectionScatteringCoefficient
An array of cross section values represented as a complex 2x2 scattering matrix.
ArgumentNullException Thrown if either the coneAngles or crossSectionValues arguments are null.
ArgumentException Thrown if the coneAngles array argument length is less than or equal to 1. Thrown if the coneAngles array argument and crossSectionValues array argument do not have the same length. Thrown if there is less than 1 unique cone angle value in the coneAngles array argument.
The polarization scattering basis defaults to T:AGI.Foundation.Graphics.SetHint when using this constructor.
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