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GpsCommunicationsConstellationDownload Method

Create a GPS communications constellation by downloading the latest data from an AGI server. This method connects via HTTPS to Each platform will provide the following services: IGpsPrnService, IGpsSatelliteInformationService, ILocationPointService, IOrientationAxesService, and INavigationTransmitterService.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Navigation.Advanced
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Navigation.Advanced (in AGI.Foundation.Navigation.Advanced.dll) Version: 24.1.418.0 (24.1.418.0)
public static PlatformCollection Download()

Return Value

Type: PlatformCollection
A PlatformCollection representing GPS satellites and their transmitters.
DataUnavailableExceptionThrown when the data cannot be retrieved from the server.
Note that an internet connection is required to use this method successfully.
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