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DependentVariableDifferentialEquationAddDerivatives Method

Compute and add the derivatives of the dependent variables to the given derivativeArray. Since the derivativeArray may already contain derivative information from other sources, do not overwrite existing values but instead add the derivatives of the given mode to the existing values.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.NumericalMethods.Advanced
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Core (in AGI.Foundation.Core.dll) Version: 22.2.414.0 (22.2.414.0)
public override void AddDerivatives(
	double x,
	double[] y,
	DerivativeMode mode,
	double[] derivativeArray


Type: SystemDouble
The current independent variable value.
Type: SystemDouble
The current dependent variable values.
Type: AGI.Foundation.NumericalMethodsDerivativeMode
The mode in which to compute the derivatives. Make sure to only compute and add the derivatives requested by the given mode or it may cause each derivative to be added more than once.
Type: SystemDouble
The derivative array as output. Upon returning, each element in the array should represent the first derivative of the corresponding element in the y.
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