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PartialDerivativesEvaluatorEvaluatePartialsOfChildren Method

Evaluates the partials derivatives of DependentVariable with respect to all variables in IndependentVariables except for DependentVariable, as that is taken care of by Evaluate(JulianDate).

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.NumericalMethods.Advanced
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Core (in AGI.Foundation.Core.dll) Version: 21.3.411.0 (21.3.411.0)
public abstract Matrix EvaluatePartialsOfChildren(
	JulianDate date


Type: AGI.Foundation.TimeJulianDate
The date at which to calculate the partial derivatives.

Return Value

Type: Matrix
A Motion containing the Matrix representing the partial derivatives of the DependentVariable object with respect to any of the objects (with the exception of DependentVariable) in IndependentVariables.
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