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NumericalPropagatorStateGetDefinitionHashCode Method

Gets a hash code representing the definition of this object.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Propagators
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Models (in AGI.Foundation.Models.dll) Version: 22.2.414.0 (22.2.414.0)
public int GetDefinitionHashCode()

Return Value

Type: Int32
The hash code.


This method is very similar to GetHashCode except that it explicitly includes the "definition" of the object even if the object does not typically act like a value. The definition of an object typically includes all of the fields of the object. The value returned by this method should NOT change. This means that two objects for which IsSameDefinition(Object) returns will not necessarily have the same hash code if one or the other was changed after the hash code was first obtained.
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