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StoppablePropagatorRestep Method

Resteps the underlying propagator from the PreviousDate. This only needs to be overridden if the wrapped propagator keeps state and cares about taking a step vs. restepping. Do not call the base method if you override this method. A new instance of a state should always be returned by this method. Like the TakeStep(Duration, Boolean) method, no properties on this base type needs to be updated in this method. Note that the sign of the step matters, if is it negative then the step should be taken backwards.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Propagators
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Models (in AGI.Foundation.Models.dll) Version: 24.1.418.0 (24.1.418.0)
protected virtual ITimeBasedState Restep(
	Duration step


Type: AGI.Foundation.TimeDuration
The step to take from the PreviousDate.

Return Value

Type: ITimeBasedState
The state at the PreviousDate plus the step.
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