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SwitchableSegmentCheckForSameDefinition Method (SegmentDefinition)

Checks to determine if another instance has the same definition as this instance and returns if it does. Derived classes MUST override this method and check all new fields introduced by the derived class for definitional equivalence. It is NOT necessary to check base class fields because the base class will already have done that. When overriding this method, you should NOT call the base implementation because it will return for all derived-class instances. Derived classes should check the type of other to preserve the symmetric nature of IsSameDefinition(Object).

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.SegmentPropagation
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.SegmentPropagation (in AGI.Foundation.SegmentPropagation.dll) Version: 24.2.419.0 (24.2.419.0)
protected override sealed bool CheckForSameDefinition(
	SegmentDefinition other


Type: AGI.Foundation.SegmentPropagationSegmentDefinition
The other instance to compare to this one.

Return Value

Type: Boolean
if the two objects are defined equivalently; otherwise .
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