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NgaDigitalTerrainElevationDataGetSecondPartials Method

Get the second order (mixed) partial derivatives of height with respect to the specified longitude and latitude relative to the provider's Shape.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Terrain
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.TerrainReaders (in AGI.Foundation.TerrainReaders.dll) Version: 21.2.409.0 (21.2.409.0)
public override SecondPartialsOfHeight GetSecondPartials(
	double longitude,
	double latitude


Type: SystemDouble
The longitude, in radians. Requesting derivatives for a longitude less than -π or greater than π will always return NaN.
Type: SystemDouble
The latitude, in radians. Requesting derivatives for a latitude less than -π/2 or greater than π/2 will always return NaN.

Return Value

Type: SecondPartialsOfHeight
The SecondPartialsOfHeight with respect to longitude and latitude, in meters of height per radian squared.
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