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TimeStandardConverter Methods

The TimeStandardConverter type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberConvert
Converts the specified JulianDate to the specified TimeStandard.
Public methodStatic memberGetConversionDistance
Gets the number of intermediate conversions that must be done to convert from from to to. For example, if a conversion function is defined to directly convert between the time standards, 1 will be returned. If the two standards are identical, 0 will be returned. If no conversion exists at all, MaxValue will be returned.
Public methodStatic memberIsConversionDefined
Determines if a conversion between two TimeStandards has been defined.
Public methodStatic memberRegisterConversion
Registers a new conversion between time standards.
Public methodStatic memberTryConvert
Tries to convert the specified JulianDate to the specified TimeStandard, returning success or failure.
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