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MaterializedSpatiallyPartitionedCoverageDefinition Constructor

Overload List
Public methodMaterializedSpatiallyPartitionedCoverageDefinition
Initializes a new instance. GridPointCreationCallback must be set before use.
Public methodMaterializedSpatiallyPartitionedCoverageDefinition(CoverageGridPointCreationCallback)
Initializes a new instance. gridPointCreationCallback as the delegate to create grid points.
Public methodMaterializedSpatiallyPartitionedCoverageDefinition(ICoverageGrid, Boolean)
Creates an instance of this type of coverage definition with the specified grid and a boolean indicating if a simple platform should be used to define grid point properties. GridPointCreationCallback will need to be set before use if the default is not selected.
Protected methodMaterializedSpatiallyPartitionedCoverageDefinition(MaterializedSpatiallyPartitionedCoverageDefinition, CopyContext)
Initializes a new instance as a copy of an existing instance.
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