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RainAttenuationModelItuRP838Version3RainRate Property

Gets or sets a custom value for the rain rate, in m/s. This scalar will be provided with a service provider providing ILinkService.

Note that this property is mutually exclusive with CustomAtmosphericModel, and this property cannot be used if a CustomAtmosphericModel is configured.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Communications.SignalPropagation
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Communications (in AGI.Foundation.Communications.dll) Version: 23.2.417.0 (23.2.417.0)
public ScalarDependentOnServiceProvider RainRate { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: ScalarDependentOnServiceProvider
InvalidOperationException Thrown when a CustomAtmosphericModel has been configured.
During evaluation, a PropertyInvalidException is thrown if the rain rate is less than zero or greater than 6.944e-5 m/s.
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