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PropagateSegmentStoppingConditions Property

Gets the stopping conditions that may stop this segment. Only one StoppingCondition needs to be satisfied to stop propagation. If by the very rare chance that two conditions happens to stop at the exact same time, the one earlier in this list will be the one that was reported to have stopped propagation. Note that this property returns the conditions on the StoppablePropagator. This will be until the StoppablePropagator is initialized.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.SegmentPropagation
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.SegmentPropagation (in AGI.Foundation.SegmentPropagation.dll) Version: 22.2.414.0 (22.2.414.0)
public IList<StoppingCondition> StoppingConditions { get; }

Property Value

Type: IListStoppingCondition
Note that these conditions will not affect any of the segments being used as a segment that gets executed with a particular stopping condition is tripped. So, while propagating such a segment, none of these StoppingConditions will be used.
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