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CesiumGeneratorContext Properties

The CesiumGeneratorContext type exposes the following members.

Public propertyEnableAutomaticReferencing
Gets a value indicating whether to enable automatic CZML reference creation for objects with the same definition.
Public propertyEvaluatorGroup
Gets the EvaluatorGroup to use when evaluating.
Public propertyMaximumDataPointsPerFragment
Gets the maximum number of data points to write at a time.
Public propertyPrettyFormatting
Gets a value indicating whether or not the written data should be formatted for easy human readability. When this property is (the default), more compact CZML is generated.
Public propertyRequestedInterval
Gets the requested interval for data. Generators may generate values outside this interval if it is equivalent in speed and compactness.
Public propertyStep
Gets the smallest step that should be taken when sampling. Note that individual objects may override this value using ICesiumFixedStepService.
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