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CosinePedestalRectangularApertureGainPattern Properties

The CosinePedestalRectangularApertureGainPattern type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBackLobeGain
Gets or sets the antenna back lobe gain, applied when the angle is greater than 90 degrees from the boresight.
Public propertyEfficiency
Gets or sets the antenna efficiency, as a ratio between zero and one.
Public propertyIsFrozen
Gets a value indicating whether this object is frozen. A frozen object cannot be modified and an ObjectFrozenException will be thrown if an attempt is made to do so.
(Inherited from DefinitionalObject.)
Public propertyMainLobeGain
Gets or sets the main lobe gain value.
Public propertyMainLobeGainOverride
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the main lobe gain value should be used instead of the value computed by the model. If set to true, the value returned from the MainLobeGain property will be used as the main lobe gain. If set to false, the model will compute the main lobe gain value.
Public propertyPedestalLevel
Gets or sets the pedestal level. The pedestal level must be greater than 0.0 and less than or equal to 1.0.
Public propertyXDimension
Gets or sets the antenna x dimension.
Public propertyYDimension
Gets or sets the antenna y dimension.
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