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Photodiode Properties

The Photodiode type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBandwidth
Gets or sets the photodetector bandwidth, in hertz.
(Inherited from Photodetector.)
Public propertyCentralBody
Gets or sets the central body for the photodetector.
(Inherited from Photodetector.)
Public propertyDarkCurrent
Gets or sets the photodetector dark current in amps.
Public propertyEfficiency
Gets or sets the photodetector quantum efficiency.
Public propertyFieldOfView
Gets or sets the field of view of the photodetector in radians.
(Inherited from Photodetector.)
Public propertyInputSignalProcessor
Gets or sets the input to the signal processor.
(Inherited from Photodetector.)
Public propertyIsFrozen
Gets a value indicating whether this object is frozen. A frozen object cannot be modified and an ObjectFrozenException will be thrown if an attempt is made to do so.
(Inherited from DefinitionalObject.)
Public propertyLoadImpedance
Gets or sets the photodetector load impedance in ohms.
Public propertyNoiseTemperature
Gets or sets the photodetector noise temperature, in kelvin.
Public propertyOpticalBandpassFilterBandwidth
Gets or sets the bandwidth of the optical bandpass filter preceding the detector, in hertz.
(Inherited from Photodetector.)
Public propertyParentReceiver
Gets or sets the parent receiver whose axis is used in order to determine if the sun is within the field-of-view of the detector.
(Inherited from Photodetector.)
Public propertySignalOutput
Gets the signal processor representing the output of the service provider.
(Inherited from SignalProcessor.)
Public propertySkySpectralRadiance
Gets or sets the sky spectral radiance model which produces a value in W * m-2 * sr-1 * Hz-1.
(Inherited from Photodetector.)
Public propertySunSpectralRadiantEmittance
Gets or sets the sun spectral radiant emittance model which produces a value in W * m-2 * Hz-1.
(Inherited from Photodetector.)
Public propertyWavelength
Gets or sets the design wavelength of the photodetector, in meters.
(Inherited from Photodetector.)
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