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VariableGainAmplifier Properties

The VariableGainAmplifier type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBackoffCurvesList
Gets the list of back-off curves.
Public propertyInputSignalProcessor
Gets or sets the signal processor which produces the set of signals which this processor modifies.
(Overrides SignalProcessorInputSignalProcessor.)
Public propertyIsFrozen
Gets a value indicating whether this object is frozen. A frozen object cannot be modified and an ObjectFrozenException will be thrown if an attempt is made to do so.
(Inherited from DefinitionalObject.)
Public propertyNoiseFactor
Gets or sets the noise factor representing the ratio of the NoiseTemperature to ReferenceTemperature plus 1 (i.e. NoiseFactor = NoiseTemperature/ReferenceTemperature + 1).
(Inherited from Amplifier.)
Public propertyNoiseTemperature
Gets the noise temperature of the amplifier, in kelvin.
(Inherited from Amplifier.)
Public propertyReferenceTemperature
Gets or sets the reference temperature for this amplifier, in kelvin.
(Inherited from Amplifier.)
Public propertySaturatedInputPower
Gets or sets the saturated input power.
Public propertySaturatedOutputPower
Gets or sets the saturated output power.
Public propertySignalOutput
Gets the signal processor representing the output of the service provider.
(Inherited from SignalProcessor.)
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