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SurfaceRegionsCoverageGrid Properties

The SurfaceRegionsCoverageGrid type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCentralBody
Gets or sets the central body associated with this grid.
(Inherited from CentralBodyCoverageGrid.)
Public propertyReferenceFrame
Gets the reference frame for this grid, which is the CentralBody's fixed frame. If the CentralBody has not been set, then this will return .
(Inherited from CentralBodyCoverageGrid.)
Public propertyReferenceTerrain
Gets or sets the reference terrain with which the grid points are defined.
(Inherited from CentralBodyCoverageGrid.)
Public propertyRegions
Gets the set of surface regions which define this grid. If a point is inside any of the surface regions, it is included in this grid. However, if one of the surface regions is small enough, the generated grid may not have any grid points inside that region.
Public propertyResolution
Gets or sets the requested resolution, in radians, representing the maximum angular spacing between grid points.
Public propertySaveGridCell
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the grid is to save grid cell information.
Public propertyUseCellSurfaceAreaForWeight
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to use the surface area of the grid cells as the weight for each point, otherwise a value of 1 is used.
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