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EllipsoidGeodesic Properties

The EllipsoidGeodesic type exposes the following members.

Public propertyEllipsoid
Gets the ellipsoid on which the geodesic lies.
(Overrides EllipsoidSurfaceCurveEllipsoid.)
Public propertyFinalHeading
Gets the heading at the final point.
Public propertyFinalPoint
Gets the final planetodetic point on the path.
(Overrides EllipsoidSurfaceCurveFinalPoint.)
Public propertyInitialHeading
Gets the heading at the initial point.
Public propertyInitialPoint
Gets the initial planetodetic point on the path.
(Overrides EllipsoidSurfaceCurveInitialPoint.)
Public propertySurfaceDistance
Gets the total distance along the geodesic to the location of the final point.
(Overrides EllipsoidSurfaceCurveSurfaceDistance.)
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