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CompositePrimitive Properties

The CompositePrimitive type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAutomaticallyComputeBoundingSphere
Gets or sets if the primitive's BoundingSphere is automatically computed.
(Inherited from Primitive.)
Public propertyBoundingSphere
Gets or sets the bounding sphere that encompasses the primitive. The center is defined in the primitive's ReferenceFrame.
(Overrides PrimitiveBoundingSphere.)
Public propertyColor
The composite primitive does not support the color property.
(Overrides PrimitiveColor.)
Public propertyCount
Gets the number of primitives in the composite.
Public propertyDisplay
Gets or sets if the primitive should be rendered. Both this and DisplayCondition must evaluate to true for the primitive to be rendered.
(Inherited from Primitive.)
Public propertyDisplayCondition

Gets or sets the composite's display condition. During rendering, first a composite's display condition is evaluated. If it succeeds, the display condition for each primitive in the composite is evaluated.

(Overrides PrimitiveDisplayCondition.)
Public propertyReferenceFrame
Gets or sets the reference frame this primitive is defined and rendered in.
(Overrides PrimitiveReferenceFrame.)
Public propertyTag
Gets or sets custom data associated with this primitive.
(Inherited from Primitive.)
Public propertyTranslucency
The composite primitive does not support the translucency property.
(Overrides PrimitiveTranslucency.)
Public propertyTranslucentPrimitivesSortOrder
Gets or sets the sort order for translucent primitives in this composite. This determines a trade-off between rendering speed and quality. It is only recommended to use PrimitivesSortOrderBackToFront when translucent primitives along the same line of sight cause blending artifacts.
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