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EphemerisLLATimePos Properties

The StkEphemerisFileEphemerisLLATimePos type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCentralBody
Gets or sets the central body relative to which the longitude, latitude, and altitude are defined.
Public propertyDistanceUnit
Gets the distance unit of the ephemeris and covariance information.
(Overrides StkEphemerisFileEphemerisDistanceUnit.)
Public propertyEphemerisData
Gets or sets the ephemeris data relative to CentralBody.
Public propertyInterpolator
Gets or sets the interpolator to use to interpolate this ephemeris data. This property may be null if no interpolator was specified or if the "InterpolationMethod" in the file was not available.
(Overrides StkEphemerisFileEphemerisInterpolator.)
Public propertyName
Gets the name of this ephemeris format.
(Overrides StkEphemerisFileEphemerisName.)
Public propertyOrder
Gets the number of derivatives in this data.
(Overrides StkEphemerisFileEphemerisOrder.)
Public propertyTimeFormat
Gets or sets the time format of the ephemeris and covariance information.
(Inherited from StkEphemerisFileEphemeris.)
Public propertyTimes
Gets the times of the data points.
(Overrides StkEphemerisFileEphemerisTimes.)
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