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EllipsoidRhumbLine Class

A path of constant heading conforming to the surface of an ellipsoid and connecting two planetodetic surface points.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Geometry.Shapes
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Core (in AGI.Foundation.Core.dll) Version: 20.2.404.0 (20.2.404.0)
public class EllipsoidRhumbLine : EllipsoidSurfaceCurve

The EllipsoidRhumbLine type exposes the following members.

Public methodEllipsoidRhumbLine(Ellipsoid, Cartographic, Cartographic)
Initializes a rhumb line (a line of constant heading) on the ellipsoid connecting the two provided planetodetic points.
Public methodEllipsoidRhumbLine(Ellipsoid, Cartographic, Double, Double)
Initializes a rhumb line (a line of constant heading) on the ellipsoid starting at the provided planetodetic point which has the indicated heading at that point and ends at a point located at the provided distance from the starting point.
Public propertyEllipsoid
Gets the ellipsoid on which the rhumb line lies.
(Overrides EllipsoidSurfaceCurveEllipsoid.)
Public propertyFinalPoint
Gets the final planetodetic point on the path.
(Overrides EllipsoidSurfaceCurveFinalPoint.)
Public propertyHeading
Gets the heading of the rhumb line.
Public propertyInitialPoint
Gets the initial planetodetic point on the path.
(Overrides EllipsoidSurfaceCurveInitialPoint.)
Public propertySurfaceDistance
Gets the total distance along the rhumb line to the location of the final point.
(Overrides EllipsoidSurfaceCurveSurfaceDistance.)
Public methodComputeCartographicExtent
Computes the cartographic bounding box which completely contains the surface curve.
(Overrides EllipsoidSurfaceCurveComputeCartographicExtent.)
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Public methodGetDiscretePoints
Get a set of points which represent the curve discretely based on a given granularity.
(Inherited from EllipsoidSurfaceCurve.)
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Public methodInterpolateUsingFraction
Provides the location of a point at the indicated portion along the rhumb line.
(Overrides EllipsoidSurfaceCurveInterpolateUsingFraction(Double).)
Public methodInterpolateUsingSurfaceDistance
Provides the location of a point at the indicated distance along the rhumb line.
(Overrides EllipsoidSurfaceCurveInterpolateUsingSurfaceDistance(Double).)
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Public methodSurfaceMotion
Converts the motion given in terms of motion on the rhumb line curve to motion of the surface point.
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