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3D Attitude Graphics Window

The 3D Attitude Graphics window provides an easy way to visualize both the attitude of a vehicle and the changes in its attitude over time. To display an Attitude Graphics window for a vehicle, right-click on the vehicle in the Object Browser. Click on the vehicle name and a menu will appear. Select New 3D Attitude Graphics Window.

The Properties page for the Attitude Graphics window includes specific pages for the options of Lighting, Annotation, Overlays, Record Movie, Window Properties, and Advanced enhancements. These are described below.


The Lighting page gives you the option of having the window use the Sun as a light source. To activate this option, check the Use box. Go to the Lighting help page for details on available parameters. If you don't check the Use box, objects in the window are illuminated uniformly.


The Annotation page lets you add text annotations to the window. All options described in Annotation help page are available except Viewer Position.


You can add logos and other images to the Attitude Graphics window using the options presented on the Overlays help page.

Record a movie

Record Movie enables you to capture individual animation frames and sequences of frames. The options provided on the Record Movie page of Attitude Graphics Properties are the same as those found on the 3D Graphics Window's Record Movie page.

Window properties

Window properties allow you to define the size and position of individual visualization windows. The options provided on the Window Properties page of Attitude Graphics Properties are the same as those found on the 2D Graphics Window's Window Properties page.

Advanced options

The Advanced page of Attitude Graphics Properties lets you set Viewing parameters, Window Background Color, and two of the Miscellaneous options (Use Wireframe Mode and Hide Cursor). Depth Cone/Buffer Crossover and Stereo Display options are not available. See the Advanced help page for more details.