CommSystem Interval

Use the Interval page to specify the time period and step size for the CommSystem.

The default interval for the CommSystem interval is the scenario Analysis Interval which corresponds to the scenario's time period. To override the default select an option from the dropdown button next to the Interval field. For more information on the options available for interval and start and stop times, see Time Options.

The step size controls how often the links are evaluated. The step size defaults to 1 second.

Reducing Report Size

If the CommSystem report you are trying to produce is over the maximum size for an STK report, try one or more of the following to reduce the report size:

  • Reduce the scenario time period.
  • Increase the scenario and/or CommSystem Step Size.
  • Split the report time period into two or more smaller periods and then generate a report for each period.
  • Increase the reporting time step, which reduces the number of entries reported.