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AccessQueryAndGetEvaluationOrder Method

Gets the suggested evaluation order of this query, which is a function of the evaluation orders of the queries in this query's Queries collection. The evaluation order is computed by sorting the sub-queries by their evaluation orders (lowest first). Then starting with the first sub-query's evaluation order, it adds half of the subsequent sub-query's evaluation order to it. Next it will add a quarter of the following sub-query's evaluation order, and so on. Each time it adds a fraction of each subsequent sub-query's evaluation order. This fraction starts as one half and is raised to a power dependent upon the order of the sub-query in the sorted array of queries (e.g. ½^0 for the first, ½^1 for the second, and ½^2 for the third).

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Access
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Core (in AGI.Foundation.Core.dll) Version: 24.1.418.0 (24.1.418.0)
public override int GetEvaluationOrder()

Return Value

Type: Int32
The suggested evaluation order.
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