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AGI.Foundation.Access Namespace

Contains types used in performing access calculations.
Public classAccessComputation
Computes Access, or inter-visibility, between two objects.
Public classAccessConstraint
A constraint between two objects. Constraints have a function (preferably continuous near f(x)=0) which is their degree of satisfaction. This allows the exact start or end of the interval during which the constraint is satisfied to be computed.
Public classAccessConstraintCollection
A collection of Access constraints.
Public classAccessConstraintEvaluationResult
Holds the result of evaluating an Access constraint over an interval.
Public classAccessConstraintEvaluationResultCollection
Public classAccessConstraintEvaluator

The base class for Access constraint evaluators.

The result of the Evaluate(JulianDate, Int32) method should be a scalar value indicating satisfaction for positive values. If possible, it should also report the rates of change of the scalar constraint value.

Public classAccessConstraintHelper
Contains helper methods that are useful when writing Access constraints.
Public classAccessConstraintSampling
Contains static methods that can be useful to a constraint in determining the size of the next sampling step.
Public classAccessEvaluationResult
Holds the result of evaluating Access between two objects.
Public classAccessEvaluator
An evaluator that determines whether access exists for an AccessQuery.
Public classAccessQuery
A query that determines whether or not Access exists for a given time or for intervals of time.
Public classAccessQueryAnd
An AccessQuery which is a logical AND of two or more sub-queries. This query will only be considered satisfied when all sub-queries are satisfied.
Public classAccessQueryAtLeastN
An AccessQuery that requires at least N of a list of sub-queries to be satisfied in order to be considered satisfied itself.
Public classAccessQueryAtMostN
An AccessQuery that requires that no more than N of a list of sub-queries be satisfied in order to be considered satisfied itself.
Public classAccessQueryCollection
A collection of AccessQuery objects.
Public classAccessQueryExactlyN
An AccessQuery that requires exactly N of a list of sub-queries to be satisfied in order to be considered satisfied itself.
Public classAccessQueryNot
An AccessQuery which is a logical NOT of another query. This query will be satisfied whenever the InvertedQuery is not satisfied.
Public classAccessQueryOr
An AccessQuery which is a logical OR of two or more sub-queries. This query will be considered satisfied when at least one sub-query is satisfied.
Public classAccessQueryResult
Holds the result of evaluating an AccessQuery over intervals.
Public classAccessQueryStartAndMaintain
An AccessQuery that can define separate constraints for starting and maintaining access. This query will be considered satisfied after the StartQuery is satisfied, and for as long as the MaintainQuery is satisfied.
Public classAccessQueryTrackedSatellite
An access query which determines access to a specific navigation satellite within a GpsReceiver.
Public classAlwaysSatisfiedLinkConstraint
An AccessConstraint which is always satisfied.
Public classCircularAccessConstraint
Defines methods for implementing a circular function used to compute access.
Protected classCircularAccessConstraintCircularAccessConstraintEvaluator
Base class for Access constraint evaluators which evaluate circular functions. This class provides functionality for handling angular values within a certain constrained angular region of a circle.
Public classConstraintQueryBuilder
This type is used to build an AccessQuery from a single constraint by assembling all of the individual functions that make up the constraint.
Public classEvaluatorDelayedByLinkT
An evaluator which wraps another evaluator while delaying it by a time specified by a LinkDelayEvaluator.
Public classLinkGraph
A graph of links (IServiceProvider instances providing ILinkService) represented as an adjacency list.
Public classLinkHelper
A collection of helper methods for working with links such as LinkInstantaneous and LinkSpeedOfLight.
Public classLinkInstantaneous
An idealized link that allows instantaneous communication between the Transmitter and Receiver.
Public classLinkPath
Describes a path through one or more links (such as LinkInstantaneous or LinkSpeedOfLight).
Public classLinkSpeedOfLight
A link between a Transmitter and Receiver that travels at the speed of light. Thus, the time it takes information at the transmitter to reach the receiver is dependent on the distance between them.
Public classMinimumMaximumAccessConstraint
The base class for Access constraints where the function must lie between a minimum value and a maximum value in order for the constraint to be considered satisfied.
Protected classMinimumMaximumAccessConstraintMinMaxThresholdEvaluator
A convenient base class to use for the evaluators for constraints derived from MinimumMaximumAccessConstraint.
Public interfaceIAccessConstraintsService
A service that provides AccessConstraints. This is intended to be used with FromObject(IServiceProvider), which will configure the constraints to ensure that they are configured to apply to the link (ConstrainedLink) or object (ConstrainedObject) to which they are attached.
Public interfaceIAccessResultService
A service that provides Access results.
Public interfaceICompositeAccessQuery
An interface to an AccessQuery which is composed of one or more sub-queries.
Public interfaceILinkConstraint
An interface to an AccessConstraint that constrains the relationship between two objects.
Public interfaceILinkService
A service interface that provides the most basic methods for modeling a communication link between a transmitter and a receiver.
Public interfaceISingleObjectConstraint
An interface to an AccessConstraint that involves only one object.
Public enumerationAccessClassification
The possible states of an Access availability computation.
Public enumerationAccessConstraintApplicability
An indication of when an access constraint applies.
Public enumerationAccessConstraintSource
Indicates the source of an Access constraint.
Public enumerationAccessEventTimes
Indicates the manner in which event times are to be reported.
Public enumerationAccessSignalModel
Indicates which effects are to be consider in modeling the signal path and observation.
Public enumerationLinkGraphDirection
Identifies the link direction required during a traversal of the LinkGraph.
Public enumerationLinkRole
Identifies an object (transmitter or receiver) in a link (ILinkService).