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RoutePropagatorPropagateTowardTime Method (JulianDate)

Create a PropagatedRoute by configuring the segments to represent a route which will end at the given time (This can be useful for designing a rendezvous at a given time). Note that the resulting PropagatedRoute instance may contain errors if configuration could not be completed successfully. The system will attempt to create a feasible route, even if there is an error. Make sure to check HasConfigurationErrors to see if there are any errors and determine whether the errors indicate unexpected discontinuities.

Note that this method is safe to call from multiple threads so long as none of the threads modifies any of the properties of either the RoutePropagator or the Segments on the propagator.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.RouteDesign
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.RouteDesign (in AGI.Foundation.RouteDesign.dll) Version: 21.3.411.0 (21.3.411.0)
public PropagatedRoute PropagateTowardTime(
	JulianDate stopTime


Type: AGI.Foundation.TimeJulianDate
The time at which the route will end. This can also be thought of as a rendezvous time.

Return Value

Type: PropagatedRoute
The PropagatedRoute that provides error feedback and can produce the time dynamic geometry representing the route.
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