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CentralBodySurfaceRegionSensorVolumeConstraint Properties

The CentralBodySurfaceRegionSensorVolumeConstraint type exposes the following members.

Public propertyApplicability
Gets or sets the Access situation in which this constraint applies.
(Inherited from AccessConstraint.)
Public propertyBoundaryResolution
Gets or sets the spacing, in radians, at which to create additional points along the area target boundary to perform access on. If this property is set at or below zero no such additional points will be created.
Public propertyConstrainedLink
Gets or sets the link to which this constraint applies. It is not necessary to set this property when using this constraint with AccessComputation.
Public propertyConstrainedLinkEnd
Gets or sets the end of the link to which this constraint applies. This is the end that is anchored to the area target. It is not necessary to set this property when using this constraint with AccessComputation.
Public propertyDebuggingLogger
Gets or sets a logger to which debugging information will be written.
(Inherited from AccessQuery.)
Public propertyEvaluationOrder
Gets or sets a number indicating the evaluation order of this constraint relative to other constraints. All constraints involved in an AccessComputation or that share a common parent (e.g. AccessQueryAnd or AccessQueryOr) in an AccessQuery are sorted by this value before being evaluated in ascending order, so constraints with a lower evaluation order are evaluated earlier than constraints with a higher evaluation order.
(Inherited from AccessConstraint.)
Public propertyIsFrozen
Gets a value indicating whether this object is frozen. A frozen object cannot be modified and an ObjectFrozenException will be thrown if an attempt is made to do so.
(Inherited from DefinitionalObject.)
Public propertySampling
Gets an instance describing how this constraint is to be sampled.
(Inherited from AccessConstraint.)
Public propertySensorTolerance

Gets or sets the tolerance, in meters, for the error in the sensor boundary. The sensor boundary will be discretized such that the difference between the actual sensor projection boundary and the interpolated boundary is not more than this tolerance. This is stored as a Scalar in order to allow the use of a time-varying tolerance based on zoom and camera distance.

A value at or less than zero will result in no sub-division along sensor projection boundaries, and is recommended for use with CustomSensorPatterns.

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