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CssiSolarGeophysicalData Properties

The CssiSolarGeophysicalData type exposes the following members.

Public propertyIsThreadSafe
Gets a value indicating whether the methods on this instance are safe to call from multiple threads simultaneously.
(Overrides SolarGeophysicalDataIsThreadSafe.)
Public propertyObservationSecondsOfDay
Gets the number of seconds since the start of midnight UTC at which the observations of the solar flux are assumed to be made. This indicates the time of day that each observation takes effect. When querying for values prior to that point of the day, the previous day's observations are used. By default, this is 20 hours UTC.
Public propertyUseApToComputeKpValues
Gets a value indicating whether the geophysical data set was configured to use the Ap geomagnetic flux indices to compute the Kp values, instead of using the Kp values reported natively in the raw data. By default, this is set to true. Using Ap values to compute Kp can be more accurate since the Kp indices are approximated when represented in the file.
Public propertyUseDailyFluxData
Gets a value indicating whether this instance always uses daily values for the Geomagnetic Flux instead of producing the 3-hour values when calling ComputeThreeHourKpValues(JulianDate) or ComputeThreeHourApValues(JulianDate). If daily values are used, the value for that day will be repeated for all 3-hour values.
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