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SurfaceTriangulatorResult Properties

The SurfaceTriangulatorResult type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBoundaryIndices
Gets indices into Positions that define the boundary positions that surround the mesh.
Public propertyBoundaryPolylineType
Public propertyBoundaryPositions
Gets the boundary positions that surround the mesh.
Public propertyBoundaryPositionsWindingOrder
Gets the winding order of BoundaryPositions.
Public propertyBoundingSphere
Gets the bounding sphere that encompasses the mesh.
(Overrides TriangulatorResultBoundingSphere.)
Public propertyGranularity
Gets the granularity, in radians, used when the triangulation was computed. Lower granularities are more precise but create more triangles.
Public propertyIndices
Gets indices into Positions and Normals. Every 3 indices represent 1 triangle.
(Overrides TriangulatorResultIndices.)
Public propertyNormals
Gets the normals of the mesh. Every position in Positions has corresponding normal. Normals are commonly used for lighting.
(Overrides TriangulatorResultNormals.)
Public propertyPositions
Gets the positions of the mesh.
(Overrides TriangulatorResultPositions.)
Public propertyTriangleWindingOrder
Gets the orientation of front-facing triangles in the mesh.
(Overrides TriangulatorResultTriangleWindingOrder.)
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