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SpecifiedExtentEllipsoidSurfaceRegionBuilder Properties

The SpecifiedExtentEllipsoidSurfaceRegionBuilder type exposes the following members.

Public propertyExtent
Gets or sets the CartographicExtent that specifies the surface region.
Public propertyGranularity
Gets or sets the granularity of the EllipsoidSurfaceRegion's borders. By default this is π / 360.0.
(Inherited from EllipsoidSurfaceRegionBuilder.)
Public propertyHoles
Gets EllipsoidSurfaceRegionBuilders that describe the holes in the produced surface region.
(Inherited from EllipsoidSurfaceRegionBuilder.)
Public propertyReferenceSurface
Gets or sets the Ellipsoid upon which the surface region will be defined.
(Inherited from EllipsoidSurfaceRegionBuilder.)
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