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PrimitiveManager Properties

The PrimitiveManager type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCount
Gets the number of primitives in the manager.
Public propertyPrecisionExponent Obsolete.
Gets or sets the exponent used to compute the maximum precision for primitive rendering. For example, a value of -3 indicates the maximum precision of 2^-3, 0.125 m along the x, y, or z axis. The worst case precision, taking into account all axes, is sqrt(3 * (2^-3)^2), 0.2165 m. The default is -2.
Public propertyTranslucentPrimitivesSortOrder
Gets or sets the sort order for translucent primitives in the primitive manager. This determines a trade-off between rendering speed and quality. It is only recommended to use PrimitivesSortOrderBackToFront when translucent primitives along the same line of sight cause blending artifacts.
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